Date Ideas in SF

Date Ideas in SF

Contrary to conventional wisdom that any new startup should concentrate on launching their new service with a lots of hype and press, we decided to test our app VoteChat on our friends and family. We kept the platform open so that people could show us how they would use it. This past weekend we finally have some proof that we are on to something big. A friend of mine who has been helping me refine the pitch, as well as think through the product, created a group called “Date Ideas in SF”. I thought it was a good potential use …
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Posted on: 29 November 2013

Why Facebook isn’t worried about Teenagers not using Facebook


Teens are not using Facebook as much as other social networks, particularly mobile based networks. This is latest revelation in the media about what will kill Facebook. The data behind the accusation has been confirmed by Facebook’s chief financial officer: Don’t freak out about Facebook’s supposed ‘teen problem’. Facebook’s stock lost an earlier gain of 15% after the comments. People are again starting to predict an end to the dominant social network. This is silly. The common wisdom is that teenagers don’t want to be on the same social network that their parents, grandparents, and even teachers use. This makes sense. …
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Posted on: 06 November 2013

Why Outsourcing Doesn’t Work


“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” ~ Aldous Huxley ~ Now that I have been back in San Francisco and have told people my story of traveling to India to find the talented people who can build our product, Votechat, I have noticed one question that inevitably comes up: “How do you find the quality of Indian engineers?” If the person has already had some experience outsourcing, the question is usually followed by an anecdote of how difficult their experience was with either Indian, East Asian, Eastern European, or South American developers. Usually, these problems …
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Posted on: 30 October 2013

Fear of Failure

Post by Stewart Alsop: Fear of Failure View Post on Quora

Posted on: 07 October 2013

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